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Mazda manufacturers many popular vehicles, and performance and handling accolades draw attention in the marketplace. So how do you ensure that your Mazda remains at peak performance? By adhering to the recommended maintenance and service schedule.

Essential Routine Maintenance for a Mazda

Fundamental maintenance helps a Mazda, or any car, run optimally. Changing the oil on time supports engine efficiency and fuel economy. You don't want to drive around on worn tires or weak brakes, either. Other steps, such as changing the timing belt, may be necessary at a certain point. Get such work done right on schedule at Kings Mazda. Routine maintenance factors into improved performance and may extend a model's life. Bringing your vehicle to our Mazda service department in Cincinnati for routine work also gives the technicians a chance to perform an inspection. A thorough multi-point inspection might uncover some unknown problems that require a fix or give a driver an idea about the vehicle's overall condition. When is the right time to bring a Mazda here for a particular service job? We provided a way for you to get an answer to that question.

Review Our Mazda Maintenance Tool

Is your owner's manual in the glove compartment? There's another option available to those wondering about routine service. Our website presents a valuable research tool. Visit the appropriate page on our website and select your vehicle's year, model, and trim. Then, review the detailed recommended maintenance. Book an appointment online for service, as well.

Schedule an Appointment

Once you find out what specific service is due, schedule an appointment at our dealership. Contact our service department over the phone or set the time and day online. Don't wait any longer to make sure your Mazda's service schedule is up to date.