Mazda6 Inventory

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2021 Mazda6 Overview

Engine and Performance

A Mazda6 offers you two options for the powertrain. The standard is a 2.5-liter engine that has four cylinders, and a horsepower of 187. The second option is a turbocharged engine with more power of 250 horsepower. Generally, both engines have a six-speed automatic transmission.

The Mazda6 performance is well above average because the engine can provide sufficient power for all its activities. For instance, the ride quality of the vehicle is excellent because of the high quality of its tires. The car has a firm grip on the road, giving it longer braking distances. It also has a good suspension system that helps in absorbing shock. This feature makes the car suitable to travel on rough and bumpy roads, as it will still give the passengers and the driver a smooth ride.

Interior Space and Comfort

In truth, the interior space of a Mazda6 is quite luxurious. The quality of the materials used to create the interior of this car is of high quality, making the car remarkably comfortable. The vehicle seats are also classy and comfortable, and they have adequate space for headroom and legroom to accommodate taller people. The cargo space at the back is sufficient for carrying substantial cargo when traveling for a long trip. Besides, the cars back seats are also foldable to increase the cargo storage space if need be. Essentially, the interior of a Mazda6 car will amaze drivers.

Safety & Driver-Assistance Features

Primarily, a Mazda6 has a five-star safety rating. It has remarkable features that help prevent accidents, and it also helps the diver make wiser decisions. For starters, it has a blind spot monitoring system that uses a camera and a radar to check the car's blind-spots. If the system notices a potential hazard on the blind-spots, it alerts the driver to take appropriate actions to prevent accidents.

Moreover, it also has a forward collision warning system that has an emergency braking system. As such, the system uses a camera and a sensor to monitor the car's path. If it notices a structure, a pedestrian, or another vehicle, it alerts the driver to brake the car to prevent a collision. Nevertheless, if the driver does not stop the car immediately, the system applies emergency brakes to stop it. It is an exceptional feature, to help drivers prevent accidents significantly. Additionally, the car also has a lane-keeping assist system that allows the driver to maintain their lane to avoid mishaps on the road.