A lot of car owners have questions when they hear about a car recall. What are you supposed to do and who do you call if your car is one of those recalled? When an auto recall happens, a manufacturer or the NHTSA determined that a car model had some issues, likely safety-related. These are typically defects, broken parts, or a violation of a federal safety standard. The automaker must alert car drivers that the recall has affected. They may need to replace your parts, offer free repairs, and in other cases, the manufacturer may completely replace the vehicle.

If you are notified, you’ll receive a letter from the NHTSA describing the defect, risk, hazards, warning signs, and what you need to do to fix your vehicle. You’ll likely need to take your vehicle into the shop for replacement parts and repairs at no cost to you.

Has your vehicle been recalled? You can make an appointment with the service team at Kings Mazda located in Cincinnati, OH to fix your car and get back on the road.

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