A blown seal or gasket can be a major hassle and expense, but it can also cause damage to your engine or other components. Seals are made to form tight bonds to keep fluids in and dirt out. Over time, they might lose their integrity and become weak or damaged. This can cause engine parts to overheat and become warped or damaged in some way.

Your car depends on many different circulating fluids and keeping them in place is one of the best ways to prevent more expensive damage later. If you are noticing the need to fill up fluids frequently, it is a good idea to have your gaskets and seals checked. If your car is running rough, this is another sign that you might have a gasket leak.

If you are in Cincinnati, OH is a good idea to stop by Kings Mazda and have your gaskets checked by a service technician. It might save you expense further down the line.

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