Be Prepared for Snowy Elements

We at Kings Mazda want you to be informed on maintenance that can be completed on your vehicle to prepare it for the wintertime. We understand how great of an investment an automobile is, and how important it is to maintain the vehicle for optimal performance. It's never fun to be driving along slowly on a frozen road, unable to see because of the windshield being filled with ice.

The difference between winter wipers and those used for the summertime is strength and durability. Winter wipers are built to break up ice without getting clogged; the frame is strong and robust. There is no question that the elements in Cincinnati, OH can get chancy out there. Trust us to swap out your summer blades for winter blades today

There's never a good time to be left with a windshield decorated with ice and snow. Business isn't going to stop because your wipers aren't meant for the cold of winter. Winter wipers are built for those sub-zero temperatures.

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