Are All-Season Tires Enough for Winter?

People have recently been asking us at Kings Mazda if all-season tires are sufficient for our area's winter extremes. Simply, we say no. Today's blog entry provides details, and it can help you decide whether you should visit our welcoming Cincinnati, OH for a set of winter tires.

All-season tires are useful on local roads for much of the year. They roll quietly, and they adequately negotiate rain and minimal slush. Alas, our area can see harsher winter conditions than a little slush.

Winter tires are specialized. They deliver safety and confidence versus icy roads and imposing snow. All winter tires feature deep grooves and angled, surface-gripping sipes. Most winter tires also feature directional tread patterns that channel snow. Further, some models carry a distinctive ice rating on their sidewalls. Also known as ice tires, these treads are constructed from rubber compounds that gain grip when the temperature falls. On ice tires, even an all-wheel-drive vehicle becomes significantly safer.

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