Two Safety Features Spotlighted in the New Mazda3

When the new Mazda3 sedan arrived here at Kings Mazda, we knew the safety features in this compact car were going to excite motorists looking to make a new purchase.

The Lane-Keeping System in the new Mazda3 will protect the driver from being distracted behind the wheel or operating the vehicle while tired. If the sensors scanning the road of this system sees drifting outside the lane, then the steering wheel will begin pulsating in stronger frequencies until the driver is able to take back control of the vehicle.

The Pre-Collision Assist feature in the new is able to identify the risk of a collision several feet ahead on the road. Once the threat has been spotted, the driver receives a number of warning alerts before the brake system begins to pre-charge in an effort to get the vehicle to stop safely before being involved in any sort of a crash.

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